Á la Carte​

At reservation from 4 persons please notice that we serve our menu with a minimum of 4 servings. If you’ve informed of allergies or the like in advance, we will of course take that into account.


White Truffles

We still have white truffles and will continue to have so until the season ends 

As always, in subject to availability🥰


We serve á la carte and from our fixed menu depending on how many people are seated at the same table. Upon request we’re able to cook gluten free, with no lactose, for vegans and vegetarians too

Our kitchen is authentic Italian and we follow the Italian season. Quite often you’ll find truffles on our menu and always the white ones and ‘Bianchetto’ when the season is on

And of course, we also have our very own Truffle Pusher, Mirko Tartufi, he has provided us with 1st class materials for the last 20 years

New Year's Feast

From Thursday January 9, 2020
10 different antipasti and 3 pasta treats: Three servings.
Extended New Year's Feast Menu: Up to 6 servings

New Year’s Feast

First three servings / 385,- per person

(1, 2 & 3)



4 servings / 545,- per person

 (1, 2, 3 and 4))

Extended Menu

5 servings / 645,- per person

 (1, 2, 3 and 4 + cheese or dessert)



6 servings / 745,- per person

 (All courses)

*By request - if possible - you may also have fish, vegetarian or vegan as main

Wine menu

2 wine / 250,-

3 wine/ 350,-

4 wine / 450,-

5 wine / 550,-

6 wine / 650,-

7 wine / 750,-

We don’t serve tapwater 

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